A Data Exchange Investigation

We have been in a Data Age, and it continues to mature by the inclusion of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.  However, not everyone has access to data, know where to find it, or may not even know what is available.  This page explores a Data Exchange.  Data has value, and the new frontier is making data available to everyone who demands it.

Those that would like to receive data can see what is available, or make it known that there is a demand.  Those that have data can make it available.

Choose a link that will take you to a short survey in another tab.  The block that follows includes some of the information that was gathered by each survey response before you.  As a further investigation, you may share what big or little problem you would like to solve if you had an unlimited supply of any kind of data.

Data Available

Data Wanted

Thanks for participating. This is a test project to gather information about individuals or groups (less than Google, Facebook, etc) who have data that could be of value to someone else.

Have questions or suggest improvements? Message me!

Mark Dixon – mark.ee.dixon@gmail.com

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/markdixonengineer/

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