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We cure oily skin with one 15 second treatment:


Left picture is without treatment, Right is with. After 8 hours without the treatment, they describe themselves as ‘disgusting’, ‘oozing’ and ‘gross’. After treatment and 8 hours they are ‘glowing’, ‘don’t need a touch up’, ‘amazing’

11/15/19: Testimonials:

“I got the pleasure of using the machine for 2 weeks. Let’s just start by saying how amazed I was.  Not only did it make my makeup look flawless, but my skin became poreless, smoother and clear from all the blemishes I get.  People were noticing! They would say things like “Wow your makeup looks great! Did you do anything different?” Being a hairstylist using fumes and hairspray, heat and products, I usually get super oily midday, but using the machine before doing my makeup, I wouldn’t have to retouch it. Favorite machine and total beauty changer.”

– Nas A., Orange County, CA Capture.JPG

“I started using the device on October 16, 2019. I’ve had oily skin my entire life and after using the device even just one day I could tell a difference. I usually have to use facial blotting papers everyday at about 11:00 am because I can feel the oiliness begin on my face. I didn’t even think about using the papers even after the first day of using the device. It was pretty fantastic.
As I continued to use the device over the next 2 weeks I noticed that face seemed smoother. Before using the device I would have to put my moisturizer on and then wait for about 5-7 minutes for it to absorb into my skin before applying my foundation. I noticed that when I used the device I didn’t have to wait. My moisturizer soaked into my skin right away & I was able to apply my foundation immediately. My foundation also seemed to glide over my skin better.
Also before using the device if I was going out after work I would have to take my old makeup off & reapply new makeup because of all the oiliness. I didn’t have to do that while I was using the device. It was amazing! I can’t say enough great things about this device and I can’t wait to be able to purchase one. It’s super easy to use and takes only 15 seconds to make a difference on a daily basis.
Thank you for allowing me to try this out!”

– Karla VanDerHam, Orange County, CA Capture.JPG

11/14/19 Professional pictures complete. Untouched pictures. LH pictures are no treatment after 8 hours of makeup / no touchups,  RH picture is with treatment after 8  hours of makeup / no touchups.


Past Posts:

11/12/19 Another stunned future customer!


11/3/19 Long term testers don’t want to give back the prototypes.  All six of our extended use device testers want to keep their masks. We had to send in the ninjas to steal them back. Second set of testers start this month.

11/1/19 Independent marketing consultant reporting 80% of first 30 users say oil is either gone or significantly reduced with one treatment, among Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern and Hispanic testers.  50% of recent respondents are saying fine wrinkles are “eliminated”.

10/21/19 One quarter of the way through first round of customer product testing. Initial feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive.  Below is a message from our independent market tester.  Our oily skin control solution is working.  Other benefits showing up as well but this photo best shows what we have. Professional photo shoots scheduled 11/10/19.


10/15/19 “US Patent Office finds our claims have novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability (ie Patentable) and the Patent Prosecution Highway can be used for expedited examination.” – Adam the patent attorney, partner, Knobbe Martens, Irvine CA

9/17/19 Full time customer testing underway.

8/21/19 Project Puma testable prototypes and final design mock-up finished


8/15/19 The Beauty System was presented to the Tech Coast Angels Marketing Group,  had many positive comments and suggestions.

5/10/19 Project Puma underway to make functional appearance prototypes. Photo Realistic Renderings:

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3/27/19 The Beauty System was presented at the pre-screen for the TCA in Irvine.  The startup was approved to pitch for the full TCA membership on 3/29/19

More images of the device – clear plastic mask and base unit.

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2/27/19 The Beauty System was presented to the Monday Club event this month with pitches in Santa Monica, Long Beach and Irvine:

12/5/18 Stelco Management Group owner Kent Booker just presented at the Irvine event Dec. 5th 2018.

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